Properly Maintained Plumbing Will Help Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

Emergencies can happen in the home and one of the most damaging is a plumbing emergency. Typical emergencies can be frozen or broken pipes, sewer backups and leaking gas. It is important you have the name of an emergency plumber or emergency plumbing service should the worst happen.

Causes Of Plumbing Emergencies And What To Do When They Occur

Gas Leak

There may be times when it is absolutely necessary to call out an emergency plumbing service. Gas leak is one of the most obvious needs for an emergency plumbing service. The smell of gas is often the first indication that something is badly wrong. It is very important that an emergency plumber is called out immediately to deal with it as the leak could result in an explosion, death, injury or serious damage to property.

Breakdown in Heating

A breakdown in heating during the depths of winter is also a plumbing emergency. This is particularly so if there are young children in the home, someone who is elderly or ill, or has failing health. Before putting in a call for an emergency plumber, however, it is first worth checking if the problem can be easily resolved.

Burst Pipes

There are some emergencies where you should take steps before seeking emergency assistance. If you have a burst pipes then you should first shut off the main water valve before calling out an emergency plumbing service.


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