Plumbing and Gas Maintenance Gold Coast | Gas Fitting Gold Coast

Plumbing and Gas Maintenance Gold Coast  

Gas maintenance is imperative on both domestic and commercial properties. In terms of safety, gas pipes, flues and appliances need to be checked on a regular basis. All gas fittings, appliances and flues need to be checked by professionals at least once a year to ensure that they are all in a safe condition. You need to ensure that you and everyone in your home or office are safe – gas leaks emit poisonous carbon monoxide into the air. Pipes can be unpredictable and burst for a number of different reasons and cause significant damage to your home or workplace.  Fixing leaking or burst pipes is not always a straight-forward task. Often, it requires technical expertise and insight. It’s the kind of problem that requires immediate and competent attention by a professional plumber.

Plumbing and Gas Fitting Gold Coast

Gas fitting can only be undertaken by licensed gas fitters. Pitbull plumbing Services have been your local, reliable and professional gold coast plumber and gas fitter specializing in gas fitting installation, servicing and maintenance for 40 years, since 1976.

Plumbing and Gas Maintenance

Pitbull plumbing services are experts when it comes to gas fitting, making sure your gas fitting is professionally installed and maintained, but most of all legally compliant so that you can be worry free.

Gas, whether it is LPG or natural gas, is a fantastic heating and cooking energy source.

Natural gas is an odorless fossil fuel consisting mainly of methane and is distributed to homes or businesses through underground pipes. It is an efficient, reliable, and convenient fuel for many applications and is extremely safe.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) consists mainly of propane with some butane. LPG is stored as a liquid at a high pressure in cylinders at your home or business and used as a gas.

Gas, maintenance Gold Coast

Our range of gas maintenance gold coast services includes:

  • Cook top installation
  • Oven/stove installation
  • Gas fire repair, maintenance and installation
  • Gas heater repair, maintenance and installation
  • Gas hot water service, repair, maintenance and installation
  • Gas leak detection
  • Gas line or pipe repair, maintenance and installation