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Drainage service refers to act of unblocking the hampered flow of clogged drains. Drains may get clogged due to accumulated impurities,root outgrowth into drains etc leading to swamping of your indoor, outdoor or garden area. We employ the use of latest technology and best trained labour to clear off you drains and fix your drainage system. In industrial and commercial units due to efflux of heavy waste material their is a high probability of drain blockage. We not only cater the plumbing service of household area but also of commercial ones.

Our drainage domain includes grey water system, storm water drain, sewage pipe clearing. Drainage equipments include high pressure jet, CCTV Drain Camera, DVD recorders to keep a record of pipe and drain condition.

Drainage services:

  • Cleaning the indoor blocked drains eg kitchen drain, bathroom drain.
  • Unblocking the outdoor drains eg garden drain, main drain.
  • Drain inspection: Drain inspection can occur on regular intervals or on reporting.
  • Drain maintenance: It includes inspecting and maintaining drains, removing and replacing damaged part, checking the flow etc.
  • Grey water system: Grey water is waste water and the main difference between it and sewage is amount of organic loading. We treat grey water disposed in your household and take care of it. We even ensure clean and pure water supply to your house.

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