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Grey Water Systems

At Pitbull Plumbing, we’re ready to tackle the biggest challenges that your home’s plumbing faces, from blocked drains to the need for eliminating grey water.

What is Grey Water?

Grey water is the build-up of polluted water that comes from sinks, showers, baths and washing machines. Unlike the water that goes directly into the sewers, grey water isn’t something that can be easily recycled and distributed back into the environment. For this reason, many homes will find a way to recycle their grey water, stripping it of all contaminants through underground buffer tanks and filtration units.

Biocell® Greywater Solutions

Pitbull Plumbing is proud to be partnered with Biocell® Greywater Solutions, another Gold Coast company whose specialty is the manufacture and supply of grey water systems. These products are affordable and available for both residential and commercial clients, using high-end technology to recycle large amounts of grey water into usable water for garden irrigation, bathrooms and washing machines.

A typical Biocell grey water system directs the polluted water into a 1,000-litre underground buffer tank. From there, it gets sent through a filter, which doesn’t use any chemicals or require electrical power to operate at full capacity. Finally, the grey water is pumped through a UV steriliser to kill off any remaining bacteria or other pathogens before being safely distributed into a storage tank for further use.

Unlike other grey water systems, Biocell systems operate without any council water restrictions and are approved for redistributing water toward toilet flushing and washing machines. Their modular design and pipework make them an easy fit for both low and high-rise buildings. Finally, a survey found that consumers saved up to 86% of their water when using a Biocell grey water system.

How Pitbull Plumbing Can Help

We supply, install and service Biocell® grey water recycling units, giving our customers a fair price for every new system we install. In addition, our team of expert plumbers won’t cut any corners when it comes to getting a site inspection and council approval before we install anything. Our goal is to ensure that you get the most efficient product available at a great value for your money.

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