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Rainwater Tanks

When you’re coming off the end of a rainstorm, your gutters and storm drain pipes will collect plenty of runoff water. While you might have some method for using that water to irrigate your lawn or your garden, you’ll still have a substantial amount of water to redistribute beyond those outdoor areas.

Pitbull Plumbing is here to offer our services when it comes to dealing with rainwater tanks, an eco-friendly solution to your storm drain needs. By retaining rainwater and putting it through a filter, these tanks deliver recycled water to your home for toilet flushing, washing machines, drinking and so much more.

Replacements and Installations

We supply, install repair and replace a wide selection of rainwater tanks. Choose from several different materials and models, including galvanised metal, Colorbond® metal and stainless steel. We offer both surface tanks for easier access and underground tanks for more effective water redistribution.

In addition, we also provide and install rainwater pumps that move the water through a purification filter and deliver it back into your home plumbing. Talk to one of our specialists about how these pumps can help you save money on your water bills and make your home a little more energy efficient when using the washing machine and other appliances.

Australian Brands for Australian Homes

As a Gold Coast business, we’re proud to supply and install rainwater tanks that are produced right here in Australia. Choose from top-selling brands like Team Poly® and Bluescope® Water Tanks to get the best results and the easiest install for your home today.

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