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Water Filtration

Clean, drinkable water is a must-have for any home or business. At Pitbull Plumbing, we want everyone to have access to the best-tasting, healthiest water possible. We offer fine products and services for high-performance water filtration across the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast areas.

Under Sink Water Filtration Systems

The most common water filtration units are housed under the kitchen sink. We supply and install all makes and models of water filters, ensuring that you get a reliable stream of drinkable and washing-ready water at a moment’s notice. Choose from top brands like HiFlow® and we’ll install and service them at a fair price.

Alkaline Ionized Water Filtration Systems

One modern innovation that you may want to consider for your home is an alkaline water ionizer. These appliances use a process called electrolysis to strip electrons from your water supply while also removing mineral contaminants and increasing your water’s pH level. The result is a water supply that is rich in health-promoting antioxidants and has a low risk of bacteria and other pollutants because of its strong alkaline (non-acidic) properties.

We supply and install different makes and models of alkaline water ionizers for homes all over the Gold Coast area. We offer high-end models like the Alkaway® Ultrastream™ Kitchen Sink Water Filter and the Alkaway CQ Whole House Water Filter. These filtration units offer different ranges of water ionization depending on where you get most of your drinking water.

To learn more about the wonderful benefits of an alkaline water ionizer, give us a call and talk to one of our certified specialists today.

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